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This web site is devoted to acquiring and disseminating information regarding senior women's and men's tennis.  It will feature articles about selected senior sectional, national and international tournaments, and other information of interest to senior women tennis players. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. 


2016 Women's Category I Schedule

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Photos above  of USA Young Seniors Players 2016 and below of USA Seniors Players 2016
Young Seniors teams have been selected.
Seniors Teams for Finland have been selected.
Super Seniors Application form now available : April 25-May 5, 2016.
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Recent Category I Champions
35S: Anthony Perkins; 35D: Milos Koprinca/Robert Kaaseski
Women's 60/70/80 Clay: 60S/D: Carolyn Nichols (with Pat Purcell); 70S/D: Brenda Carter (with Betty Wachob); 80S: Dori DeVries; 80D: Inge Weber/Judy Smith
Men's 45 Clay: 45S: Carlos Gomez-Diaz; 45D: Gerrit Disbergen/Andy Lake
Women's 35/45/55/65/75/85/90 Clay: 35S/D: Julie Thu (with Kaysie Smashey); 45S: Jolene Watanabe; 45D: Julie Cass/Alissa Finerman; 55S: Diane Barker; 55D: Tracy Houk/Kathy Vick; 65S: Martha Downing; 65D: Sue Bramlette/Ann Stanley; 75S: Donna Fales; 75D: Charleen Hillebrand/Suella Steel; 85S: Jane Lutz; 85D: Joyce Jones/Angie Ray; 90S/D: Rita Price (with Joyce Vanderpol
60 Men's  Hard: 60S: Max Buyckx; 60D: Paul Wulf/Lenny Wofford
F/D & M/S Indoors: FD: Tim/Whitney Ritchie; Sr: James/Kirsten Flower; SSr: Stephanie Tolosa/Bill White; Ultra Sr: Suzette/Charles Solomon; M/S: Beth/David Horneffer
F/S  Indoors: F/S: Brett/Jerry Morse-Karzen; Sr: Chris/Shaun Bussert; SS: Jimmy/Chris Parker
HW Grass: 100: Jamil/Penne Atcha; 120: Andrew/Ann Stanley; 140: Colleen Burns/Keenan/Donald Keenan
Mens' 70/75 Indoors:
70S: Les Buck; 70D: Ken Dahl/Jody Rush; 75S: Frank Hagelshaw; 75D: Ivo Barbic/Thomas Brunkow

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Link to Super Sr. application posted now till May 5th

2016 Cup Team Selection Guidelines NOW POSTED.
More information on 2016 Team Selection.
Timeline for Team Selection
Statement by USTA regarding Super Senior Cups and Turkey
Young Seniors Now Playing in Umag. Click here for Photos, Draws, Results.

Women's Cat I, Cat II

Men's Cat I, Cat II

Family Events

Mixed Cat 1

Young Seniors (35, 40, 45), Croatia, May 2016

Seniors (50/55/60), Finland, June/July 2016

Super Seniors (65/70/75/80 & 85 Indiv)

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