The 35's:  Texas Stops Southern!

The entrants were (some change may have occurred at the captains' meeting, but the sections entered are as set forth below):
              1 Sylvia Levers
2 Debra Leffe (CPT)
3 Kathy Godsil
4 Rosemary Walsh
5 Bernadette Winnubst

FLORIDA      1 Karen Hausman
2 Susan Boyer
3 Francis O'Sullivan
4 Sue Rasmussen
             5          Teri Mejedes

                         1 Aileen Eleey
2 Tiina Smith (CPT)
3 Johanna Sleeper
4 Trisha Judge

              1 Nancy Osborne
2 Sophia Preston (CPT)
3 Angela Peixotto-Monk
4 Debbie Jones
5 Coleen Conkey

                    1 Fran Chandler
2 Marianna Hollman
3 Diane Lowings
                         4            Amy Evans
                         5            Lee Myers-Brandt

1 Kelly Ojeda
2 Karen Velguth
3 Barb Johnston (CPT)
4 Laura Rice
5 Teri Lynott

TEXAS 1 Shelly Works
2 Kathy Vick (CPT)
3 Sheri Norris
4 Sue Whiting
5 Sandy Collins

Fran Chandler is one of the many fine players on the Southern 35's team, which won the title in 1999

Karen Hausman is the top singles player for the Florida 35's team.

Final Standings:

  1. Texas
  2. Southern
  3. Florida
  4. Southern California
  5. New England
  6. Tie: Pac NW and Eastern

The final was a really close match won by Texas.  The deciding match really was the #1 singles match between Sherri Norris of Texas and Fran Chandler of Southern.  Chandler won the first set 62 before Norris rallied to win the final sets 62 64 in a very long match.  Southern won the #2 singles, Hollman d. Vick 5,1 and Texas' Sandi Collins dismantled Diane Lowings 2,0.  Texas' win at #1 doubles, Collins/Norris over  Amy Evans and Lee Myers-Brant, clinched the win for Texas.  It was the first win for a non-Southern team in many years.

Florida beat SoCal 5-0 to place third.