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These links have been updated on August 16, 2015 and should be current.

2015 Cups and World Championships
Seniors (50, 55 60), La Baule, France

Young Seniors (35, 40 45), Turkey

2014 Cups and World Championships
Super Senior Teams & Individual World Championship Information: October 2014, Turkey

Super Senior TEAM Fact Sheet: Oct 13-18, 2014
Super Senior INDIVIDUAL Fact Sheet: Oct 19-26, 2014
To PAY your entry fee for the INDIVIDUAL  World Championships, click here.

Formats of Play for Cups (draws differ depending on size)
ITF Team Rankings, Seniors
List of participating teams in Turkey.
Link to Cup Draws
Link to Live Scoring (game by game in real time!)
Articles on Cups
ITF World Championships, October 19-26, Antalya, Turkey; 

Senior Teams & World Championships: April/May 2014, Florida

USA Team Members Going to Florida: Women's and Men's
ITF Individual Draws: April 27-May 4, Florida (click on order of play, then draws to see draws)
Photos from ITF World Championships

List of all Participating Teams in Florida
List of Participating Team Players in Florida
2014 ITF Seniors Regulations
Formats of Play for Cups (draws differ depending on size)
ITF Team Rankings, Seniors
Official Web Site for the Seniors World Championships
Recent blog posts
Blog site for Cups with links (or a link to the blog site)
Other information will be on the Senior/Super Senior facebook page. Folllow  me on twitter @tenniscan
2015 Cup Selection Guidelines and Selection Time Frame  NEW!!!!!!

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