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This web site is devoted to acquiring and disseminating information regarding senior women's and men's tennis.  It will feature articles about selected senior sectional, national and international tournaments, and other information of interest to senior women tennis players. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. 


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Recent Category I Champions
W35-85 Grass:
35S: Katarina Stanford; 35D: Millie Yablonicky/Yulia Bolotova; 45S/D: Julie Cass (with Beverly Bowes-Hackney); 55S/D: Tina Karwasky (with Susan Wright); 65S: Cindy Babb; 65D: Molly Hahn/Cindy LePrevost; 75S: Ruby Jenkins; 75D: Dori DeVries/Carol Wood; 85S: Jane Lutz
M50H: 50S: Jeff Greenwald; 50D: Art Hernandez/Bruce Man Son Hing
W 30-80 Grass: 30S: Kim Lackey; 30D: Christyn Lucas/Natasa Vuckovic; 40S/D: Amanda Parson Siegel (with Trish Riddell); 50S/D: Susan Wright (with Abbi Neuthaler; 60S: Tina Karwasky; 60D: Pat Parsons/Betsy Savitt; 70S/D: Betty Wachob (with Brenda Carter); 80S/D: Dori DeVries (with Carol Wood)
Mother/Son Grass: Christian/Kathryn Settles
Men's 65/70 Hard: 65S: Dave Sivertson; 65D: Phil Landauer/Tony Dawson; 70S: Felix Ponte; 70D: Les Buck/Jody Rush
World Championships, Finland:
60xd: Ross Persons/Tina Karwasky; W60D: Sherri Bronson; M55D: Mike Tammen/Mike Fedderly;
Women's 65/75/85 Indoors: 65S/D: Kathy Barnes (with Molly Hahn); 75S/D: Suella Steel (with Norma Veal); 85S/D: Jane Lutz (with Rita Price)
M/D Indoors:Open: Christy/Faith Grisham; Sr: Barbara/Laura McGaffigan; SSr: Judith Durr/Kanie Serklew
F/S Hard: Sr: Jerry/Brett Morse-Karzen; SSR: Mike/Richard Noel; 80+: Jeff/Ron Tonidanel

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Super Seniors (65/70/75/80 & 85 Indiv)

Young Seniors (35, 40, 45), South Africa, March 2017

Seniors (50/55/60), Finland, June/July 2016

Individuals: View entrants here (click on acceptance list)

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