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Carolyn Nichols Tennis Home Page
Also Home of the National Senior Women's Tennis Association

This web site is devoted to acquiring and disseminating information regarding senior women's and men's tennis.  It will feature articles about selected senior sectional, national and international tournaments, and other information of interest to senior women tennis players. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. 


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Photos above Huntsville, below, Young Seniors
Young Seniors Info , Photos  Draws & Results from Turkey
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Recent Category I Champions
Men's 60 Hard:
60S: Paul Wulf: 60D: Chris Bennett/Tom Smith
Women's 60/70/80 Clay: 60S/D: Tina Karwasky  (with Jan Kirkland-Cochran); 70S/D: Betty Wachob  (with Cathie Anderson); 80S/D: Burnett Herrick (with Judith Smith)
Father/Son Indoors: F/S: Eoin/Tadhg Collins; Sr F/S: Brett/Jerry Morse-Karzen; SS F/S: Michael/Andrew Stewart
Men's 70/75 Indoors: 70S/D: Richard Johnson (with Jody Rush); 75S: Joe Bachmann; 75D: Robert Anderman/Thomas Brunkow
F/DM/S Indoors: FD: Disbertens; SrF/D: Morse0Karzens; SSFD: Tolsosa/White; 80+FD: Fechtors; M/S: Morgans 35-85 Women's Clay: 35S: Julie Thu; 35D: Nancy Hilliard/Kaysie Smashey; 45S/D: Julie Cass (with Alissa Finerman); 55S: Diane Barker; 55D: Carolyn Nichols/Susan Wright; 65S: Anne Guerrant; 65D: Martha Downing/Kathy Bennett; 75S/D: Lynn Little (with Claudia Giacomini); 85S/D: Jane Lutz (with Rita Price)
30 Hard MS: Jonathan Janda;  WS: Julie Scott Thu; WD: Meredith Walton/Thu; MD:

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2015 USTA Category I Grid
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ITF Senior Rankings
USTA Standings
2015 Cup Selection Guidelines and Selection Time Frame 
USA Team Selection Dates: Super Seniors June 7, 2015
2015 Schedule on  (Cat I and Cat II, Family, Cups)
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NSWTA Championships, Super Cat II, Alexandria, VA April 22-26
Men's 35 Hard, Surprise, AZ, April 23-27
Men's 45 Clay, Fort Lauderdale, FL April 26-May 3
Atlanta Sr Men's Super Cat II, April 29-May 3, Atlanta, GA
Men's/Women's 30 Indoors May 1-4, Gold River (Sacramento), CA
Southern Senior Men's Cat II, May 6-10, Jackson, MS
Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Hard, May 8-10, Rancho Mirage, CA New site!!!
Women's 50-90 Hard (and local senior men), May 11-17, La Jolla, CA
Men's 80/85/90 Indoors, Vancouver, WA May 11-16
Morristown Super Senior Men, May 11-15, Morristown, NJ (Super Cat II)
Men's 40 Clay, Atlanta, GA May 13-18
Women's 35/45/55 Indoors, Homewood, IL May 14-18 (Thurs-Monday)
More Information on the Women's 35/45/55 Indoors in Homewood!
Men's 75/80/85/90 Hard, Laguna Woods, CA May 17-23
Mt Tremblant Grade 2, Canada, May 6 Deadline to Enter!

The National Senior Women's Tennis Association

The NSWTA is an organization devoted to senior women's tennis. It publishes a newsletter quarterly, and is an advocate for senior women's tennis.  A membership list is also available for a nominal fee. To join, click here to download an application form.  (New Link to updated form).
Why Join the NSWTA?
Margaret Russo Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form: Please Fill Out 

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ITF Senior Rankings
2014  USTA Ranking Regulations
Archived Results, 1999-2010

2015 Friend at Court
Team PPR Tables
Non FIC Points Tables:

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Young Seniors (35, 40 45), Turkey

Seniors (50, 55 60), La Baule, France

Super Seniors (65, 70, 75, 80),  Umag & Novigrad Croatia

  • Selection Date is June 8, 2015
  • Dates: Team: 21-26 September; Individual: 27 Sept-4 Oct.

International Links

USTA Senior International Teams Web Site 
International Tennis Federation Seniors Site
Ranking Points Allocation Tables for ITF
International Links & Archives 
The International Club of the USA
ITF Senior Rankings
European Tennis Association
IPIN Information
2015 ITF Seniors Calendar
World Team Rankings
2015 Seniors Regulations
2015 Cup Selection Guidelines and Selection Time Frame
2015 ITF Tournament Schedule, Printable PDF
2015 ITF Tournament Schedule,  Online by Month
2015 ITF Seniors, Major Rule Changes 
2015 ITF Seniors Regulations
Mt Tremblant Grade 2: May 6 Deadline

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Archived List of National Champions

USTA Adult/Senior Tournament Information
2014  USTA Ranking Regulations
Team PPR Tables
Non FIC Points Tables:
Note that the World Championships are a 10X tournament when held in the USA
USTA Adult/Senior Web Site 
Cup Selection Guidelines, 2015

USTA Seeding Assistants 2015 Men & Women
USTA 2015 Seeding Assistants from USTA web site.

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Tournament Director Information 

2015 FAC: Contains USTA Regulations and Rules

USTA Senior International Information