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This web site is devoted to acquiring and disseminating information regarding senior women's and men's tennis.  It will feature articles about selected senior sectional, national and international tournaments, and other information of interest to senior women tennis players. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. 


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Photos above the ITF Grade 1 in Chile. Photos below from the ITF Super Senior World Team Championships .
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Recent Category I Champions
40 Hard:
WS: Dina McBride; MS: Tony Bujan; WD: Debbie Spence-Nasim/Cammy MacGregor; MD: Peter Smith/Neel Grover; Mixed: Bill Behrens/Spence-Nasim; FS: Trevor/Peter Smith; GF/GS: Timothy Sah/Poh Tan
30Clay: MS: Matt Bocko; WS: Evgenia Docktor; MD: Goode/Janda; WD: Levin/Stanford; Mixed: Docktor/Janda
Sr/SS F/S Clay: SrFS: Jerry/Brett Morsse-Karzen; SSFS: Jimmy/Chris Parker
MD Hard: MDO: Cailey/Dori Easdale; Sr MD: Ghia Godfree/Linda Lyke; SS MD: Shelly Stillman-Scott/Brenda Humphries
Men's 60/65 Clay:  60S: Fred Robinson; 60D: Tom Smith/Tony Dawson; 65S/D: Brian Cheney (with Armistead Neely)
Men's 55 Hard: 55s: Mike Fedderly; 55D: Ross Hessler/Greg Hing
FD Clay:
FDO: Eddie & Gabriela Gonzalez; Sr FD: John/Hannah Holladay; SSr FD: Jerry Dunworth/Selina Weller; FD80+: Final not played
Women's 40/50 Clay: 40S/D: Patricia Zerdan (with Leeza Morris); 50S: Fran Chandler; 50D: Mariana Hollman/Shelly Works
Women's 70/80/90 Indoors: 70S/D: Anne

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2015 USTA Category I Grid
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Current, Recent and Upcoming Events/Information

ITF Senior Rankings
USTA Standings
2015 Cup Selection Guidelines and Selection Time Frame 
2015  USA Team Selection Dates: Young Seniors: Dec. 7, 2014; Seniors: March 8, 2015
(2015 Guidelines will be used.)
2015 Schedule on  (Cat I and Cat II, Family, Cups)
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Intersectional Results Note new link.
Pam Springs Seniors, Jan 18-24. This is a local tournament, not a Cat II.
BallenIsles Super Cat II, Palm Beach Gardens, FL (Women) Jan. 21-15
Asics Category II, Rancho Mirage, CA Jan 25-Feb 1 2015
West Coast Super Sr Men @ Sterling Oaks, Sup Cat II, Naples, FL Jan 25-Feb 1
Crawford Cup, Super Cat II, Women, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Feb 4-8
Raymond James Super Cat II, Men St. Petersburg, FL Feb. 23-March 1
30 Hard Courts, Westwood CC, Austin, TX Feb 27-March 2
Houston, NSWCCC, 35/45/55/65/75/85 Clay, Houston, TX March 2-8
Men's 70/75 Indoors, March 16-21, Houston, TX
Women's 60/70/80 Clay, Huntsville, AL April 11-17
Bocage Cat II (Men) April 15-19, Baton Rouge LA: Cat II, not Super Cat II???
NSWTA Championships, Super Cat II, Alexandria, VA April 22-26
Men's 35 Hard, Surprise, AZ, April 23-27

World Championships: Individuals (February 18 deadline for singles; March 20

The National Senior Women's Tennis Association

The NSWTA is an organization devoted to senior women's tennis. It publishes a newsletter quarterly, and is an advocate for senior women's tennis.  A membership list is also available for a nominal fee. To join, click here to download an application form.  (New Link to updated form).
Why Join the NSWTA?
Margaret Russo Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form: Please Fill Out 
Exclusive Tail Activewear Discount Offer for NSWTA Members !! (to get code, contact NSWTA President)

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ITF Senior Rankings
FAQ: Points per Round NEW!!!!
2013 Ranking Regulations
Archived Results, 1999-2010

2014 Friend at Court
Link to 2012 Points Tables: Note that the World Championships are a 10X tournament when in USA

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Young Seniors (35, 40 45), Turkey

Seniors (50, 55 60), La Baule, France

  • Selection Date for US Teams: March 8, 2015
  • Dates: Team: June 8-13; Individual: June 14-21

Super Seniors (65, 70, 75, 80),  Croatia

International Links

USTA Senior International Teams Web Site 
International Tennis Federation Seniors Site
Ranking Points Allocation Tables for ITF
International Links & Archives 
The International Club of the USA
ITF Senior Rankings
European Tennis Association
IPIN Information
2014 ITF Seniors Calendar

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Note that the World Championships are a 10X tournament when held in the USA
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USTA Adult/Senior Web Site 
USTA Senior International Teams Web Site
Cup Selection Guidelines, 2014
USTA Seeding Assistants 2014, Women
USTA Seeding Assistants 2014, Men
USTA Seeding Assistants, 2014 Family
FAQ Seeding
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Email the 2013-2014 USTA Adult/Senior Competition Committee
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2014 FAC: Contains USTA Regulations and Rules